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Diane Guy

"If we can embrace the challenges of learning to swim, float and tread water, we need not fear the ocean for we can continue to breathe and survive any storm"


DG Psychotherapy offers a free 15 min phone consult to all potential clients to answer any questions and to ensure that their needs can be met prior to scheduling a full appointment.

Once a full appointment is scheduled clients receive an intake form that can be completed online. This eliminates the need for paperwork during appointments and provides the most impactful use of time. 

Acceptance and change are fundamental to our emotional well-being and everyone has the capacity to find their own harmony between the two. DG Psychotherapy operates from a client-centred perspective empowering individuals, couples and families to develop the skills, tools and fresh perspectives required to reach equilibrium. Inevitably facing emotional stressors can be uncomfortable at times but it should never be painful.  


Often coined as 'Higher Order Therapy' the approach to counselling is individually tailored to every client and draws from a variety of treatment models including but not limited to:-


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Trauma-informed Counselling

Emotionally Foucssed Therapy

Brief Solution Focussed Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety . Grief . Interventions . Gerontology . Mood Disorders . Criminal Justice . Domestic Violence . Abuse . Trauma . Depression . Work/Life Balance . Parenting . Divorce . Social Anxiety . Excessive Technology Use . Gender Identity . Treatment Assessment .

Services Offered

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Baysville - In Person Counselling

Online/Phone Counselling

Caledon - In Person Counselling


Unit 207B, 6 Queen St N, Bolton, ON L7E 1C8

1032 Menominee Lake Rd, Baysville, ON P1H 2J3

Thank you - All mesages will receive a reply within 48 hrs

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