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Empowering Clients to Change Their Lives Since 2003

                                         Diane Guy, the founder of DG Psychotherapy, graduated from the School of Law & Social                                                       Sciences  at Manchester University in 2003, with both an honours degree and a  professional                                                     diploma, she spent several years specializing in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and                                                                Motivational Interviewing. Behavioural analysis, risk assessments, sentencing proposals and                                                  court  prosecutions were an every day part of her routine within the Home Office. Working through the cycle of change with mandated, high-risk clients who were often resistant to the process served to consolidate her belief that no matter how fraught with difficulties an individual's situation may be they can work through it all with the right support.


Recruited from overseas, she migrated to Canada in 2007 where she has spent the past fifteen years counselling clients through life's ups and downs in a variety of domains; forensic mental health, addictions, concurrent disorders, mood disorders, trauma and grief. DG Psychotherapy has been fully operational in Caledon as a private practice since 2018 and opened a second location in the heart of Muskoka in the summer of 2022.

Diane Guy is registered as an EFAP Counsellor for Stellantis (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) in Canada and also works alongside Dr. Andrew Cooper at Caledon Clinic providing psychotherapeutic services to clients with treatment resistant depression, chronic pain mangement and PTSD within their cutting edge Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program.

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